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There is Hope, There is Love…

Posted in Ramblings..., The present... on June 4, 2017 by henryconley

In recent years I’ve heard people ponder whether or not they wanted to bring a child into the world with all the hate that exists, or at least voice great concern for what the next generation will face.  I understand the fear, I’m not blind to the current state of the world and can see what a scary place it is.  In fact, this very week as my son and daughter-in-law brought my beautiful grandson, Elias, into this world there were many reminders.  The Manchester attack, last night’s attack in London and oh so many other negative things in the press that one could easily be paralyzed with fear.

A painful reminder of how very real evil is in this world was less than a quarter-mile from the hospital Eli was born in.  As we pulled up last Sunday, I saw a sign that caught my eye, it read Pulse.  Yes, that Pulse, the nightclub were so many beautiful, innocent people were murdered less than a year ago.  I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for the parents who went from the happiest day of their lives to being on lock-down in a building surrounded by police and rescue vehicles.  The rest of their stay had to be tainted by the events taking place a little more than a few football fields away.

I must admit that while waiting for little Eli to be born, it haunted my thoughts.  I just couldn’t let it go.  What kind of a world was he coming into?

Then Eli came into this world and my thoughts turned to my beautiful grandson.  He took my breath away and I felt a sense of hope.  Then while exchanging texts about my him with a friend, he said something when referring to Eli that really set me straight, “Maybe his generation will get it right…”

Hmm… What a nice way to look at it; “Maybe his generation will get it right”.  Since we have another grandson, Connor, arriving in September, I am inspired to take on this view. After all, I’ve always been a believer in setting up the next generation to be better than the prior.  We need to smother this next generation with hope, love and the knowledge that they can turn things around.

Eli was brought into an extremely loving environment, as will my other grandson, Connor.  In Eli’s case, not only were both parents there every step of the way, but so were both sets of grandparents, and two aunts (one by Facetime several times a day) the other, in-person.  Both families are very close-knit and we’ve come together to form one larger family, the Meyer-Conley clan.  The bond is strong and the love this newborn received and will continue to receive is immeasurable.


So there is Hope, there is Love, this makes me feel better about our future.  If we do our best to instill good values and let this generation know just how loved they are, perhaps they will be the generation to get it right.  In the meantime, I will do my part to love the stuffing out of Eli and count down the days till Connor arrives.


We cannot let hate win.

Thank you Bobby for the wise words…