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Beware of Vultures… Secondary Evils Following the Marathon Tragedy

Posted in Ramblings..., The present... with tags , , , on April 16, 2013 by henryconley

Here we are again… Another American tragedy and as we try to grieve as a nation, certain factions feel they have the right to spew hate and/or ludicrous accusations against our own government.  Whereas it may be their “right” to do so, it doesn’t make it any less disgusting.  In particular, I am referring to two particular situations; the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) and a conspiracy theorist that interrupted one of yesterday’s news conferences.

The WBC is nothing more than a hate group and needs to be recognized as just that.  They can claim to be a church, but by most legal definitions they are a hate group.  Why they haven’t been officially recognized as one is beyond me.  Their use of social media yesterday was once again pure evil.  I’m not going to rehash how I feel about them as I’ve written about them several times, but I will say that if they follow through on their threat to picket the funerals, I will do my best to join any peaceful demonstration/human shield efforts that take place.  I call on everyone in the area to do the same if this occurs.  Hopefully they will be stopped before they even arrive as they were by many groups in December, when they planned on invading Newton.

Conspiracy theorists… Let me start off by saying that I firmly believe that conspiracy theories can serve a purpose and have a place in our society.  Challenging the “official” version of major events can sometime bring about healthy dialogue and lead to a better understanding of what occurred.  However, with that said, everything is not a conspiracy and no matter what the circumstances, there is a place and time for this kind of rhetoric.  During a press conference to help bring the scarred city of Boston (and the world) up-to-date on a still unraveling tragedy is not that time and not that place.

During one of last night’s news conferences a very misguided, self-centered, self-serving and selfish person asked an extremely inappropriate question: “Is this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?”  Really???  I heard this live and was mortified and enraged.  For those that are not aware, a false flag attack is when a nation either infiltrates or allows an attack on its own people and shifts the blame to another country or group to help them further their own agenda.  So, in essence this person was asking if the government had just bombed their own innocent citizens.  He insinuated that our government had just murdered and maimed to help take our civil liberties.  Again, I must ask… really???  First, no matter what twisted thoughts you may have regarding a tragic event, to interrupt a vital source of information for all the concerned families and citizens is simply not right.  How can you claim to be “fighting for the truth and for the citizens of this country” as this person insinuates and go and throw this kind of hurtful speech (in the form of a question) when we are all hurting so badly?  If you ever had any credibility (which is questionable to begin with), you’ve lost it.  He had no time to gather any evidence or reasons valid enough to justify the interruption.  He made claims about drills occurring for just such a situation in Boston as if this helps prove his point.  When in reality conducting such an exercise or drill would be only responsible and prudent.

Cities and towns around this great nation conduct drills based on scenarios that could occur within their jurisdiction.  Ever since Oklahoma City in 1995 (if not before that with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993), bombings have entered into part of disaster preparedness plans.  You’d be hard pressed to find an adult that hasn’t considered the possibility of an attack at a major sporting event.  That’s why there is often an extra security presence and it is a comfort to the average person.  I have feared for events like the Boston Marathon because of the size of the area the event takes place.  This person made statements insinuating that the presence of police and bomb sniffing dogs would have caught this and prevented it if this wasn’t an inside job.  What a naïve thing to state.  The kind of devices used were small, portable and easily hidden.  I’m sure the evidence will show that they were placed there shortly before they exploded and with a crowd that large, it’s not surprising that someone was able to sneak them in.

I was very shocked and saddened to learn that this individual was a local person who at one point wrestled on the local independent circuit.  To see that I shared many Facebook friends with him upset me.  I don’t want to walk in the same circles as a person like this.  I can only hope that people will separate themselves from him or at least, challenge his behavior.  It was inappropriate and disgusting.

For the many conspiracy theorists out there; I don’t want you to stop questioning things when they don’t seem right.  That’s a freedom we enjoy in this country and as I said before, this challenging can lead to healthy dialogue at times.  What I do ask is that you use prudence in the selection of your “quests for the truth” and show respect in the timing of your challenges.  Making baseless, hurtful accusations via “questions” at a press conference when a crisis is still underway is simply wrong.  This person has hurt your cause.  Everything that goes wrong is not a conspiracy and he is not a hero as some on his Facebook have claimed.  It was not gutsy or brave.  It was a cowardly, selfish act.  To use that forum to throw out a half-baked theory just hurts the victims, their families and every citizen of this nation.  This is why I haven’t used the individual’s name.  I will not help him stroke his ego and promote his misguided cause.

In closing, my prayers and thoughts continue to go out to everyone affected by this horrible act.  I hope and pray justice will be served.  I’m proud of all the people who ran into the smoke (instead of away from it) to help the fallen.  That’s what we do hear in New England and across this nation.  We pull together and do what we can to help in time of crisis.

God bless and Peace…